Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluation of Riluzole effects on functional recovery of damaged motor neurons due to complete transection of sciatic nerve in male Wistar Rats.            0000-00-00
2    Investigating the effects of Launaea acanthodes on structure and physiology of testis in hyperglycemic rat    B.Sc.     -, -    2011-01-19
3    Investigation of the effect of intrathecal administration of genipin on pain and morphine analgesia in rat    M.Sc.    Abbasi, Zohreh    2011-03-08
4    Study of the teratological effects of Pasipy oral administration on cerebral hemispheres development in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    sanaei, batool    2011-03-09
5    Investigating the relation of salivary cortisol level and seasonal allergy in female highschool puplis in restrict 2 of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Mousavinezhad moghaddam, Maryam    2011-03-16
6    Phylogenetic revision of the subfamily Gerbillinae (Gray, 1825) in Iran based on morphological characters of the postcranial skeleton with emphasis on cladistic approach    M.Sc.    hamidi, kordiyeh    2011-04-09
7    Relationship between maternal STZ-induced hyperglycemia and structural & functional abnormalities in the gonads of male offspring    M.Sc.    shakehnia, masoumeh    2011-05-11
8    Study of The effects of maternal consumption of Passiflora incarnata during pregnancy on learning & memory in rat offspring    M.Sc.    ataei nakhaei, sareh    2011-05-11
9    The histological study of interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit and natural 3D decellularized pancreas of rabbit in vitro.    M.Sc.    nakhaee, mahdiye    2011-05-15
10    The histological Study of interactions between blastema tissue originated from the pinna of New Zealand white rabbit and natural 3D acullular dermal matrix of rabbit in vitro.    M.Sc.    dahmardeh ghalenow, tayebeh    2011-05-15
11    Histological study of the effects of hyperglycemia on rat ovary during diestrous stage of estrous cycle in wistar rat    M.Sc.    gharibi, solmaz    2011-05-18
12    Histological effects of hyperglycemia on vistar rats endometrium and myometrium during diestrous stage of estrous cycle    M.Sc.    JAMIL, FATEME    2011-05-18
13    The study of primordial germ cells and histological structure of testis in embryonic and juvenile stages of ostrich development    Ph.D    hassanzadeh, belal    2011-05-21
14    Light and transmission electron microscopical study of urinary system in one humped camel    Ph.D    monjezi, sara    2011-07-05
15    The study of protective effects of Resveratrol in grape extracts on histological changes induced by cisplatin on testes tissue and spermatogenesis in the mice.    M.Sc.    jahanbakhshi, sima    2012-06-06
16    Study of the relation of hepatic Arsenic accomulation and alterations in hepatic markers in male sheeps in Arghesh region (Nneyshabour)    M.Sc.    oveisi sani, mohamad hasan    2012-06-06
17    A Comparision Between Systemic & Spinal Treatment of Analgesic & Anti – inflammatory Effect of Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Peel Extract in Rat    M.Sc.    khomarian, somaie    2012-06-13
18    Study of development and histological changes in ovary of ostrich embryo and newly hatched ostrich chick    Ph.D    kheirabadi, masoume    2012-07-09
19    Investigating on the effect of maternal administration of L.A on the structural alteration of fetal kindy in hyperglycemic condition    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Elahe    2012-07-12
20    Investigating on the effect of maternal administration of L.A on the lateral ventricle volume alteration of fetal brain in hyperglycemic condition    M.Sc.    Mashhadizadeh, Zahra    2012-07-18
21    Investigating the effect of Diazinon, and vitamin D complementary on bone tissue and growth plate changes, based on morphometric, histologic, and radiographic investigations    M.Sc.    bazmi, mahdieh    2013-02-20
22    Investigating The Effects of Intrathecal Administration of hemoglobin on Pain Sensation in Formalin and Tail Flick Tests in Rat.    M.Sc.    gachpaz, Amin    2013-04-24
23    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of letrozol on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult male Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    moeini, masoumeh    2013-06-10
24    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of estradiol and soya ethanolic extract on threshold and intensity of sizure in adult female Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    mojallal, zahra    2013-06-10
25    Study on the effects of maternal adimintration of letrozol on the spermatozoid number and morphology in adult Wistar rat offspring    M.Sc.    esfandiari, abdolmajid    2013-06-10
26    Pathophysiological study of kidney in native male sheep in an arsenic contaminated region of Neishabour; Arghash    M.Sc.    besharati, hadi    2013-06-10
27    study of brain histomorphogenesis in larval huso huso    Ph.D    tavighi, sherma    2013-06-25
28    Study on the histological structure and stereology of the kidney in house sparrow of the arid zone    D.V.M    Masumi Beydokhti, Zahra    2013-11-02
29    Study on the effect of maternal administration of aromatase enzyme inhibitor (letrozole) on brain sexual differentiation in male offspring of rat    M.Sc.    salarhasan, marziyeh    2014-05-28
30    Neonatal exposure effects of mycoestrogen zearalenone and antiestrogen Tamoxifen on HPG axis of adult female mice    Ph.D    parandin, Rahmatollah    2014-11-26
31    Comparative study of neuroprotective effects of vitamin B1 and N- acetyl cysteine systemic administration on retrograde and anterograde degenerations due to sciatic nerve transection in adult male Wistar    Ph.D    Mousavinezhad moghaddam, Maryam    2015-01-21
32    Study on the effect of neonatal exposure of tamoxifen and zearalenone on mamary gland of in female mice    M.Sc.    KALKALI, HAJRE    2015-06-24
33    Study of the effects of neonatal administration of tamoxifen and zearalenone on the histological features of uterus in female mice    M.Sc.    Sedaghat, Khadijeh    2015-06-24
34    Study of the effects of Nandrolone Decanoate on the testes tissue in maturity course of the Surian mice and Concurrent use of Royal Jelly on this tissue    M.Sc.    younesi, arash    2015-06-24
35    Investigating on the systemic administration of ɑlpha lipoic acid and iron on antrograde degeneration in injured rat sciatic nerve    M.Sc.    mohammadi, somayye    2015-06-25
36    Investigation of acellular nerve graft seeded with ADSC and coadministration of acetyl-l carnitine on the sciatic nerve regeneration process    Ph.D    Ghayour, Mohammad Bagher    2015-09-21
37    Investigation of the effects of transplantation of the neural scaffold containing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and citicoline on the regeneration of rat sciatic nerve injury in-vitro and in-vivo    Ph.D    abdolmaleki, arash    2015-09-21
38    Behavioral and Electrophysiological study of epileptogenic effect of Haplophyllum Robustum hydroalcoholic extract leaves in Wistar rat    M.Sc.    Farmanesh, Elham    2016-04-27
39    Provision of 3 dimentional matrix od decellular cow pancreas and study on behaviour to mesenchymal and blastema cells in present of heparan sulfate    Ph.D    samaremousavi, saeedeh    2016-07-19
40    The effects of Benfotiamine administration on bio-structural alterations of decellularized sciatic nerve scaffold in rat diabetic model induced by STZ    Ph.D    vafadar ghasemi, leila    2016-09-13
41    Use of voltage sensitive dye fluorescence imaging to study the effect of voltage stimuli on the restoration process in the transacted rat sciatic nerve model    M.Sc.    samaram, hosein    2017-07-09
42    An Experimental study of the current electrical stimulation effect on the regenerated dorsal root ganglion sensory neurons in nerve regeneration of the transected sciatic nerve in the rat model with voltage sensitive dye imaging    M.Sc.    nasseri, sareh    2017-07-09
43    Study on the effects of systemic administration of citicoline and atorvastatin on the process of Wallerian degenration in transected sciatic nerve in adult male Wistar rat    Ph.D    Bolandghamat, Samira    2018-03-06